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Fairbanks, Alaska

The next AARC club meeting will be Friday July 7, 2017.  The next license test session will be Saturday July 8, 2017.

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The items are listed by members of AARC or by amateurs affiliated with AARC.  Want Ads, items for sale or items wanted will be listed for 30 days, then removed unless you renew by sending an email to webmaster.

Posted March 27, 2017:

There are a variety of new Technicians and new General Class operators who are looking for inexpensive or “free” HF rigs.  If you are no longer interested in getting on the air or haven't used your dusty HF radio for awhile, please consider donating it to our Radio Club.  Contact the webmaster and Dan will see to it that a new ham gets on the air. Yes…. Its tax-deductible.


Posted March 27, 2017

Jeannine- WL7CKE and JC- WL7CQZ are planning on moving south.

They have some ham gear to eliminate before they go.

Please post on the KL7KC web site…..

DX-A Quarter Wave Twin Sloper Antenna…. Never used. …$75

Kenwood TS-570s  Hf+6 meters Transceiver.   $750

Icom V-8000 2 Meter Mobile Transceiver   $130

Icom IC-2100 2 Meter Mobile Transceiver   $120

Model DCI 146-H 2 meter band pass filter   $125

MFJ-1270c TNC   $60

Kenwood TR-7950 2 Meter Transceiver   $90

Mirage B5018 2 Meter Amplifier    $150

RF concepts  RFC 2-417 2 Meter Transceiver   $135

Jeannine will also consider ‘best offers’.

Please contact her at 488-9752 and ask for her.