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Fairbanks, Alaska

CHANGE: The next AARC Club Meeting will be Friday July 13.  The next License Testing Session will be Saturday  July 14, 2018 . A fee of  $15 per session.

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Arctic Amateur Radio Club Meetings

Club meetings are held on the first Friday of the month at 7:00 PM (1900) at the Hutchison Career Center, 3750 Geist Road in room 202.  Any and all visitors are most welcome.

We hope you find our club meetings interesting and educational.  We attempt to keep our meeting informal and friendly. We normally begin with an introduction of each person attending, afterwards moving on to one or more short presentations.  These vary from informal show & tells to somewhat technical discussion about ham radio, science or other topics pertinent to the “art” of radio.  Visitors and out-of-town hams are always welcome.

If you need help, AARC members monitor the repeater system.  In Fairbanks, use 146.88 with PL tone 103.5. Some folks monitor simplex 146.52.  

Would you like to join?  Download an application here