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The next AARC club meeting will be Friday May 5, 2017.  The next license test session will be Saturday May 6, 2017.

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Ham Radio License Testing

License testing is held on the first Saturday of the month at 1:00 PM (1300) in the Far North CB Radios Plus Building (The Old Radio Shack), located at 3451 College Road.  It’s across the street from Beaver Sports.

The three Certified Examiners you see in front of the room are volunteers and have taken time from their schedule to help oversee the testing and the grading. If you are an Amateur Extra Class and would like to become a VE, then please visit the ARRL VE page:


If you want to make an unscheduled testing date, confirm a test date or have a general question about the test session, please contact Mike Perry (AL7F) at patperry@gci.net.with your questions.  Mike’s cell number is: 907-590-7215.   Mike is the VEC Liaison and will get you the answers to any questions you may have prior to the test.

We recommend you arrive a few minutes early, get seated and make yourself comfortable.  Please check in with the certified examiners sitting at the front of the room. Three VE’s will oversee the examination and grade your efforts.  

You will be required to show a valid ID prior (drivers license, student ID, etc...) prior to taking the test.  Parental consent is acceptable for younger applicants.

License testing is typically free to participants. However, a test fee may be required depending on what VE group forms the testing is going to utilize. Typically, we use the Anchorage VEC materials and no fee is required. However, there are times when we are forced to utilize the ARRL VEC materials and we have to collect the appropriate fee, currently $15 for 2013.

Calculators are allowed, but cell phones, radios and other forms or electronic communication are not. Phones need to be put on silent or turned off during the session. We will not allow the use of built in calculators / apps (this includes iPods, iTouch, Kindle, etc...).

The VE exam team will provide any writing utensil you may need, feel free to ask if you do not see them on the table.

We will also answer any questions you may have (and no, we won't give you the answers before or during the test).

After grading your test, we will let you know the results within a few minutes.  All three examiners must individually grade your test before we can issue the results.  If we are utilizing the Anchorage VEC materials, we will file your application with the FCC within 24 hours of the session and you should have your new license or upgrade by the middle of the week following the session.


2017  Testing Schedule:

January 7

February 4

March 4

April 1

May 6

June 3

July 8

August Hamfest

September 2

October 1

November 4

December 2

2016  Testing Schedule:

November 4

December 2