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Fairbanks, Alaska

**  Both the general AARC meeting and license testing will be at the Hamfest August 11th.  Remember, a fee of  $15 per session.

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Kilo Lima 7 Kilo Charlie

The IRLP System

Current location and access information for local IRLP system

147.250, PL 123, Simplex Node# 7369, WL7LP (parked on reflector 9109)

147.570, PL 123, Simplex Node# 4160, KL3DO (steerable node)

Currently Off The Air - It Is Being Moved to New Location.  Likely Available Again By December 31.

147.180, PL 123, Repeater Node# 7794, KL1AC (parked on reflector 9109)

Other Alaska IRLP nodes can be found at: