Canyon Creek Repeater
(444.8 + MHz, 103.5 Hz PL)
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Canyon Creek (64N18.303', 146W32.91', elevation 1792 feet)
Located about xx miles east of Fairbanks 
Installed August 1999 by  AL7FQ, KE4TUU, and NL7XH
Service logs: 

Front of Rack

Back of the rack

Left: Rack before repeater installation 8/99

Right: from bottom to top

  • 60 amp power supply
  • 100 watt 440 amp
  • 440 duplexer cans
  • 440 TX / RX control and radios
  • 220 TX / RX control and radios
  • Link RLC-2 controller




Left: A better photo of the back of the rack
  • Right: Equipment from bottom to top:
    • Power supply
    • Power distribution and fuses
    • 440 duplexes
    • 440 TX / RX / 100 watt amp
    • 220 TX / RX / 18 watt amp
    • Link Communications RLC-2 controller

    front of rack

    Canyon Creek Tower

    Left: Perhaps a better view of the front of the repeater

    Right: A shot of the building and tower.

    Canyon Creek Tower

    AL7FQ & KE4TUU on tower

    Left photo of antennas, note the 4 element 220 link antenna on lower part of mast. the 440 is a diamond X700HNA  a 2 meter/ 440 antenna the lower one is a Cushcraft 224WB 4 element 220 rig.

    Right: Photo of Billy Connor, AL7FQ and Simmon Howell, KE4TUU on the tower.

    Benny vs the bugs
     Benny running from the bugs
    Left: NL7XH with Alaska mosquitoes giving unwanted help

    Right: Benny trying to drive away a few hundred hungry mosquitoes.   We could not get them to lift the antennas up the tower.  Just can not get good help now-a-days!!

    Vital satistics:

    Exciter (watts):  (MHz) P A (watts)
    RLC-2 controller
    Hamtronics 2 223.88 
    Hamtronics amp @ 15
    Cushcraft 224WB  port 
    Hamtronics 2 444.90 
    Motorola Micor amp @ 50 
    Diamond X700  port 
    Receivers:  (MHz) (Hz) PL 
    RLC-2 controller
    Hamtronics  224.88 
    Cushcraft 224WB  port 
    Hamtronics 449.90 
    Diamond X700  port 
    Power Supply: 60 amps @ 12VDC

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