Donnelly Dome Repeater
( 146.82 MHz, 103.5 Hz pl )
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Donnelly Dome (63N47.23', 145W51.70', elevation 920m)
Located about 16 miles south of Delta Junction
about 5 miles west of MP 250 Richardson Highway 
Installed by KL7XO, AL7FQ
repaired by KE4TUU, NL7XH, WL7NW 26 March 2000
Donnelly Site Donnelly Site Left: Donnelly site. TV translator antennae
structures are evident to the left and right. 

Right: Repeater shack to the left.
Alaska Range in the backround..

Donnelly Dome Shack

Wind and solar generation

Left: Repeater Shack. Isopole repeater antenna and 220 Mhz link antenna on the corner.

Right: Wind generator and solar panels at Donnley Dome, March 2000.

back of rack, March 2000

Left: Back of repeater note the insulation around each chassis.  We are using Minco 10 watt heaters in each TX / RX units and also the Link Communications RL1 controller.  Just to the left of the unconnected helix cable notice the small square block, this is the Poly Phaser unit.  This unit should suppress all static charges that have been destroying our receiver front ends.  The high winds blow the dry snow around the antennas and create a very large static charge.  The batteries in the background are not used and will be removed this summer. March 2000

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