North Nenana Hill Repeater
(147.06+ MHz, 103.5 Hz)
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North Nenana Hill (64N35.37', 149W04.55', elevation 1535 feet at base of tower)
Located about 5 miles north of Nenana.
linked into the network summer 1999
serviced April 10, 2000 WL7TY & NL7XH.
front of repeater rear of repeater Left and Right: Front and rear of repeater while
being service in the Geophysical Institute Electronics Shop, October 10, 1996
2 meter repeater
Nenana tower
Left:  2 meter repeater, the duplexers are behind the Motorola Micor
We have added a couple more chassis just above the Micor that contain
the 220 transmitter / receiver and 15 watt amp

Right:.Tower with two M2 222-7EZ Antennas stacked one above the other. Note the 2 meter AES antenna on the top left of the tower. Tower is 58' tall. Antenna 15' above the top.

Left: view of the hut photos taken 3/2000

Right:View of tower and ladder The two M2 - 220 -7 element antennas are mounted on the left hand vertical part of the ladder.

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