Northway Repeater
(146.82- MHz, 103.5 Hz PL)
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Link Alaska Repeater Network
Northway 63 02' 56.6", 141 44' 29.0", 3519'
near mile-post 1267 on the Alaska Highway
Installed June 1, 1997 by NL7HX, AL7FQ, WL7VS and KL7XO
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Panorama from repeater site, click for 54K anotated image.
The crew
The site
The installation crew NL7XH, AL7FQ, WL7VS & not pictured KL7XO.

Solar powered communications site houses the repeater.

Antenna installation
the repeater antennas
Benny, NL7XH installing the antennas.

The Diamond X50-A and 7 element 220 Mhz link antenna mounted on mast.

About three hours after the repeater was installed WB6CIE who was driving the Alaska Highway toward Fairbanks dropped his call sign and became the first "new" user of the Northway Repeater.
On June 4 the first network-wide QSO took place between WL7VS in Northway and KL7M in Anchorage.
On June 8 the first priority traffic was passed. KL7IJ/VY1 came upon a disabled tour bus full of passengers about 50 miles south-east of the Alaska-Yukon border. He was able (after some confusion) to contact NL7XH in Fairbanks. Benny, NL7XH contacted the bus company in Fairbanks. Another bus was dispatched to "rescue" the passengers.

224 MHz Link - Path Profile
Based on estimated site location.
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Path Profile

Above: Path profile, Northway to Dot Lake. (already loaded)
Left: Map showing path between Northway and Dot Lake
BIG FILE: 527x1637 pixels, 335K bytes not yet loaded.

224 MHz Link - Path Loss Calculation
 Northway to Dot LakeDot Lake to Northway
Elevation antenna A (m)671 Dot Lake671Dot Lake
Elevation antenna B (m)1073 Northway1073Northway
Elevation obstruction (m)792 Manfield792 Manfield
Distance A to B (km)130 Dot Lake to Northway130 Northway to Dot Lake
Distance A to obstruction (km)35 Dot Lake to Mansfield95 Mansfield to Northway
frequency (MHz)224 224 
Theta (rad)0.0118 0.0118 
V 1.59 1.59 
defraction loss (dB)17.21Mansfield17.21Mansfield
free space loss (dB)121.75Dot Lake to Northway121.75Northway to Dot Lk
TOTAL PATH LOSS (dB)138.96defraction + free space138.96defraction + free space

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224 MHz Link - Fade Margin Calculation
Based on estimated site location. Actual site is much higher.
 Dot Lake to NorthwayNorthway to Dot Lake
Tx power (watts)2.00 Dot Lake 25.00 Northway
Tx power (dBm)33.01 Dot Lake 43.98 Northway
tx coax (dB) -2.8080'*3.5dB/100'-0.7020'*3.5dB/100'
tx ant gain (dBi)12.35Cushcraft 4 ele yagi14.15Cushcraft 7 ele yagi
rx ant gain (dBi)14.15Cushcraft 7 ele yagi12.35Cushcraft 4 ele yagi
rx coax (dB)-0.7020'*3.5dB/100'-2.80 80'*3.5dB/100'
system gain (dBm)56.01 66.98 
TOTAL PATH LOSS (dB)138.96from above138.96from above
rx sens (dBm)-110.00 (20dB S+N/N)-110.00 (20dB S+N/N)
FADE MARGIN (dB) 27.05rx sens + system gain - path loss
10dB for 90% reliablity
20dB for 99% reliablity
30dB for 99.9% reliablity
40dB for 99.99% reliablity

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