Porcupine Dome Repeater
146.70- 103.5 Hz pl tone
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Porcupine Dome (65N31.07', 145W31.34', elevation 1498m)
Located about 6 miles WNW of MP 107 Steese Highway
Installed January 22, 1997 by NL7WO and VY1CB
repaired by WL7LP & AL7HT June 1999
repaired by AL7FQ, KL7EDK & NL7XH 2 April 2000
Testing done by KL0CK on 1/27/97 determined good signal at 12 mile summit and mile 104 Steese. Also could hit it with a handheld and rubber duck at mile 101. Reported scratchy at mile 57. Worked from Fairbanks by KL7B, AL7FQ and heard by KL7XO.

Porkie Dome

Jan 22,1997 Install
Left: Porcupine Dome. Taken about three miles to the east, May 1989 by KL7XO. 

Right: Repeater installation at the crack of dawn.

Repeater Construction photos are available (see Mt. Eldridge).

Left: VY1CB installing new repeater January 22, 1997 

Right: NL7WO and VY1CB pose for a picture before dawn

Left: Russ Eley WL7LP (left) ,AL7HT Mark Richards (right) , and Wigi Tozzi AL7IF (not shown), drove/biked/hiked to the Porcupine Dome Repeater (below) and swapped out radio and solar regulator. The same failure we had at Mt. Eldridge.   It was a very long day for the trio.  The efforts paid off.  The repeater works better than ever now and we hope it will continue forever too

Right: AL7HT Mark Richards next to the Porcupine Repeater

(June 1999 photos by WL7LP via AL7IF)

Left: USAF communication shelter shares Porcupine Dome with our repeater

Right: BLM does too.

(June 1999 photos by WL7LP via AL7IF)

back of repeater
Left USAF shelter again.

Right: rear of repeater

(June 1999 photos by WL7LP via AL7IF)

 AL7FQ at Porkie, April 2, 2000

  KL7EDK @ Porkie, April2,2000

Left: AL7FQ at the Porkie repeater

Right: KL7EDK there too.

(April 2, 2000)

 USAF Porkie site, Apirl 2,2000

not availible

Left: BLM site in foreground USAF  site in middle of photo (April 2,2000)

Right: Left intentionally blank

445 MHz Link - Path Profile
not avalible Path Profile

Above: Path profile, Porcupine Dome to Ester Dome. (already loaded)

Left: Map showing path between Ester Dome and Porcupine Dome
BIG FILE: 527x1637 pixels, 335K bytes not yet loaded.
445 MHz Link - Path Loss Calculation
Ester Dome to Porcupine Dome Porcupine Dome to Ester Dome
Elevation antenna A (m) 720 Ester Dome 720 Ester Dome
Elevation antenna B (m) 1463 Porcupine Dome 1463 Porcupine Dome
Elevation obstruction (m) 922 Twin Butte 922 Twin Butte
Distance A to B (km) 134 Ester Dome to Porcupine Dome 134 Porcupine Dome to Ester Dome
Distance A to obstruction (km) 64 Ester Dome to Twin Butte 70 Porcupine Dome to Twin Butte
frequency (MHz) 444.8 449.8
Theta (rad) 0.0033 0.0033
1.04 1.05
defraction loss (dB) 14.31 Twin Butte 14.34 Twin Butte
free space loss (dB) 127.97 Ester Dome to Porcupine Dome 128.07 Ester Dome to Porcupine Dome
TOTAL PATH LOSS (dB) 142.28 defraction + free space 142.41 defraction + free space

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445 MHz Link - Fade Margin Calculation
Ester Dome to Porcupine Dome Porcupine Dome to Ester Dome
Tx power (watts) 2.00 Ester Dome 5.00 Porcupine Dome
Tx power (dBm) 33.01 Ester Dome 36.99 Porcupine Dome
tx coax (dB) -2.50 50'*5dB/100' -1.50 30'*5dB/100'
tx ant gain (dBi) 12.0 Diamond 17' 7.00 Diamond X50A
rx ant gain (dBi) 7.00 Diamond X50A 12.0 Diamond 17'
rx coax (dB) -1.50 30'*5dB/100' -2.50 50'*5dB/100'
system gain (dBm) 48.01 51.99
TOTAL PATH LOSS (dB) 142.28 from above 142.41 from above
rx sens (dBm) -110.00 (20dB S+N/N) -110.00 (20dB S+N/N)
FADE MARGIN (dB) 15.73 rx sens + system gain - path loss
10dB for 90% reliability
20dB for 99% reliability
30dB for 99.9% reliability
40dB for 99.99% reliability

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