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Fairbanks, Alaska

The next AARC club meeting will be Friday May 5, 2017.  The next license test session will be Saturday May 6, 2017.

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AARC Training

There are several active and on-going training sessions at this time. The first is an emergency communication and NTS instruction series taught by both Linda (AD4BL) and Ed (AL7N) via the Ester Dome repeater (146.88)  The  Hutchinson Career offers an amazing electronics course taught by member Eric Nichols.

Emergency / NTS Training

Emcomm / NTS training is offered every Thursday immediately after the 1900 Interior Net .  It uses the Ester Dome repeater on 146.88.  Linda AD4BL and Ed AL7N will give on-air instructions and directions. Training materials are available.

Other Training Programs

Would you like to learn a new skill? Perhaps others would too. Inquire of any Board member or the webmaster.

Electronics Course (ELT 111) taught by Eric Nichols

AARC member Eric Nichols (KL7AJ) teaches an incredible beginning electronics course through UAF / Hutchison Career Center emphasizing Ham Radio. Recommended by several AARC members who have completely the course.  Contact Eric for additional information. Click on the business card (to the left) for additional information.



       Emcomm / NTS training (see                    below for schedule)

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Interior Net Frequency Schedule: 146.88 (- split 103.5) will be used as start in roll call unless stated otherwise.  Net control will select and announce secondary frequency.

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Optional secondary frequency will consist of:  146.52 FM (simplex), 446.00 FM (simplex), KL7CDA DR-1X repeater on 444.40 (+5MHz) with DCS 073 supporting C4FM and 6 meter (frequency to be announced).